The Ultimate Guide to Toilet Renovation: Bathroom Refurbishment Costs and Ideas

People must renovate their bathrooms in a span of every 10 years. Bacteria, germs and illness can spread by unclean bathroom fixtures including urinals, sinks, toilets, paper products dispensers, etc contact. Moreover, the reason can be structural damage or simply somebody is expecting an upgrade to their restrooms with some design they get inspired by. While others are willing to invest in the bathroom to provide premium finishes and consequently add value to their property.

All toilet renovation expectations involves significant costs as well as different considerations,

  • Different Ideas for a toilet renovation project
  • Bathroom refurbishment costs 
  • Are the new installations worth investing in?

In this blog, we will delve into the bathroom refurbishment costs and discuss the ideas for the toilet renovation project. 

 Average Cost of Bathroom Renovation, UK

After the pandemic hit, The appetite for your house improvement has risen dramatically. And renovation prices had also skyrocketed in the UK. According to the research, currently, the average cost of bathroom renovation in the UK is 40% more expensive than it was back in 2020. 

These costs include the fittings and sanitaryware, along with the installation of underfloor heating or heating towel rails, plastering and decorations, lighting, extraction units, tiling, furniture and shower trays too. 

Your bathroom renovation cost will also depend on various other factors: 

  • The size of your bathroom
  • The amount of renovation work you require
  • The quality of finish you desire.
  • The specific materials you choose
  • Equipment you want to install, etc.

Ideas for Bathroom Refurbishment 

There are many budget-friendly ideas that you can incorporate into your project, such as,

  • Mix and Match Materials

When remodelling your bathroom, try to mix and match materials from different suppliers. Doing so will save money without compensating for finish and style. If a material is not expensive it doesn’t mean that it is not durable. If you research precisely you can find the same quality as the costly ones but at a reasonable price. 

  • Add Floating Vanities

You can provide any bathroom with an airy feel by incorporating a floating vanity. It can be outfitted with drawers for storage and double sinks, or a solid plank of wood with a vessel sink. Considering an update like this will enhance your entire layout. 

  • Frameless Glass Showers

Glass showers lend a classy yet luxurious look. However, the reason for installing one is not just the design or style. This is a great choice for anyone with mobility difficulties or for ageing family members because this shower has no lip or ledge to step over and is safe when entering.

  • Steam Showers

You can have a spa experience at your home by adding a shower that doubles as a steam room. Also, ensure to equip a door that tightly seals on all sides. Later you will need to fit a vapour barrier on the ceiling and install wall framing to prevent moisture which can rot the wood. Outside the shower, including a steam generator that heats water using a 220-volt electric heat element. A steam shower improves your breathing, it opens up your nasal passages, decreasing symptoms of viruses and allergies. 

Average Cost of a New Bathroom

The average cost of a new bathroom can start from $4000 to as high as $20000 or more. If you are seeking to create a high-end spa-like space, the steeper the price will be. 

The price may vary according to a variety of factors like the materials used, size of the bathroom, equipment and so on.   

Wrapping up

Refurbishing a bathroom can be the best way to enhance the overall functionality, aesthetics and add value to your home. However, keep in mind that the cost of the refurbishment may vary depending on the factors mentioned above. Moreover, when planning a bathroom refurbishment, ensure to work with experienced professionals. They will provide adequate guidance and expertise, with careful planning and attention to detail throughout the process. 

The basic bathroom could start from around £250. But it is just the starting price, it will not include any heating, tiling, bathroom furniture or lighting. However, The average cost of bathroom renovation in the UK is around £6,500. However, those who are using luxury products and need more renovation can see prices ranging from £7000-£15,000+