Kitchen Installation

The Ultimate Guide to Kitchen Renovation: Design, Cost, and Installation

Your kitchen needs immediate structural reforms if it is deteriorating or in bad shape. Peeling countertops, broken or missing cabinets, cracked tiles and outdated appliances do not inspire family gatherings or gourmet cooking. 

The kitchen renovation process requires a specific budget and involves a lot of expectations from the home owner’s side. Some basic questions like-

  • Is it affordable as per my current financial condition, 
  • What changes can be experienced after the project completes and 
  • Are the new installations you are expecting feasible or not?

always run on the mind and they must be clarified before taking your first step toward installation. 

For a successful kitchen renovation, you must meticulously plan to serve up a comfortable, stylish and functional environment that serves all the expectations. Let’s start with defining a suitable design. 

New kitchen Design Ideas:

The layout you choose for a new kitchen design can depend on the style of your home, your budget, and the size of your existing kitchen. While considering designs ideas for your renovation project, some categories that you can review include:- 

  • Modern Kitchens

Modern kitchens are sleek and easy to maintain as the details are kept to a minimum. Usually, doors are flat with either a finger pull notch at the top, a push-to-open mechanism or minimal handles. Modern kitchens tend to be influenced by certain interior design trends such as timber veneers matching gloss doors or the latest tactile matte finishes.

  • Classic Kitchens 

These are designs that have an endless aesthetic appeal. This includes kitchens that feature simple, timeless and fresh designs rather than dark and complicated. This includes neutral colors, simple cabinet styles, natural flooring and lighting.

  • Traditional kitchens

Traditional kitchens can span from grand schemes to country-style designs. Features might include mantel pieces above the hobs, range cookers and cornices at the top and bottom of cabinets. 

Kitchen Elements 

In addition to the overall design you will need to determine the trending kitchen elements for your house improvement;

  • Cabinets

  • For a clutter-free kitchen, plenty of storage is needed.

  • Both base and wall unit 
  • Choose from tall cupboards such as 
  • Pull-out units in different heights
  • Double-width larders
  • Deep drawers for storing pans and crockery
  • Instead of wall cabinets, add open shelving.
  • For spare spaces consider slim pull-outs for oils and spices and built-in wine racks 
  • Worktops

For much of your cooking worktops are the foundation therefore consider composite stone, quartz, stainless steel or solid laminate as these are resistant to strains, acid and scratches. 

Installing a New Kitchen

With the help of skilled professionals you can get a perfect kitchen makeover. The steps below will give you an idea about how the entire process is going to be executed by the experts in the coming days. 

  • Clear the Existing Room

First of all, the professionals remove the existing appliances, metals and furniture. Later, they remove the tiles of the walls and flooring so that they can have a fresh start.

  • Routing New Services

The next step is to chase floors and walls to run new plumbing and electric supplies. 

  • Plastering

After the plumbing and wiring is done, they plaster the walls, floor and ceiling of the room for a smooth glossy finish. 

  • Electrical and Plumbing Fixes

They arrange another electrical visit to install ceiling lights and enable the vision of the fitters. According to the kitchen plan, the positioning of the electrical wires, gas and water lines are done.

  • Flooring

Now when the supplies are in place and the room is plastered, they lay the floor with ceramic tiles or incorporate some marble effect that matches your style, needs and budget. 

  • Painting

Ideally, it is good to paint the ceilings and walls before installing the kitchen, this will avoid paint splatter and having cut-in around your new kitchen.

  • Cabinet and Appliance Fitting

A professional fitter is a must for installing a high-quality kitchen, while for a budget kitchen or small kitchen renovation, using a handyman or going down the DIY method will work. After installing the kitchen cabinets, fix the worktops, appliances and sinks that fit your overall layout.

How Much Does It Cost to Renovate a Kitchen?

Kitchen renovation or kitchen refurbishment costs depend on certain factors such as:

  • The level of your renovation, i.e. to what extent you want to modify your kitchen. Whether you need a little refurbishment or you want to change the entire kitchen. 
  • Types of equipment you want to install
  • And the layout, design or materials used. 

The Verdict

The professionals at Blue Line Build can guide you better with the ideas of a well-designed, clutter-free and more functional kitchen. Start your new kitchen journey now with an idea of exactly what you need.